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As a boy, Tim Gallwey was nationally ranked tennis player in his division and later captained his Harvard University team.

On what was meant to be a sabbatical from a career in college administration, Gallwey worked as a tennis instructor in Monterey, CA. Initially, he focused his efforts on giving traditional instructions with mixed results. He soon discovered that if he simply invited his students to focus their awareness on their strokes as they were, technique evolved naturally and seemed to self correct. Players using Gallwey’s methods improved far more rapidly than usual, and without self-criticism or trying so hard to “do it right.” By quieting self-interference, they were more able to tap into their natural abilities with greater ease.

From this discovery came Gallwey’s first book, The Inner Game of Tennis, which has sold over two million copies. Other books in the Inner Game series include applications to Golf, Skiing, Music, Work and Stress.

In the years after his first book’s release, readers even began to employ the Inner Game methods to their lives off court, and Tim moved into applying The Inner Game methods of change to corporate work. His long term clients included Apple, AT&T, The Coca Cola Company, and Rolls Royce where he applied The Inner Game of coaching for Leadership, Sales, Change management and Teamwork, Gallwey’s work has often been credited as the foundation of the new fields of corporate and life coaching.

Tim’s current focus lies in developing the Inner Game international School and the online implementation of Life U to make Inner Game tools available globally to aid individuals of any age or background in achieving their goals anywhere, anytime.

A Word From Tim Gallwey

For over forty years I have focused my efforts on the importance of what I call The Inner Game. I have learned many things on this journey while all the time in both my personal life and my public work, there has been one overriding passion. For both individual and for society, there must be a re-balancing of the importance we give to “the inner domain,” that which takes place within human beings as distinct with all that goes on in external world.”

The thoughts, feelings, and motivations within us may be invisible, even to ourselves, but have great impact on on how we see ourselves, the choices we make, how we see and treat others which in turn create much of the external conditions in which we live. But what attracts our attention and in what do we invest our goals and efforts, individually and collectively? What is most important to us, our external wealth, or internal wealth? Do we care more about winning the outer games we play, overcoming external obstacles to achieve external goals? Our do we invest ourselves in overcoming the internal obstacles that keep us from being happy, enjoying life, inner peace, fulfillment?

About The Inner Game.

Tim Gallwey introduces the inner game

“Grow potential and reduce self-interference. Don’t just be a doer in life; whatever you are doing, learn, evolve, and maximize your enjoyment of the limited time you are given.”
~ Tim Gallwey

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When Tim Gallwey isn't busy touring the globe sharing the Inner Game, he is home writing, playing golf and tennis, and developing curriculum for the Inner Game International Schools.

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  1. alessandro

    Dear Tim, I started playing golf at the age of 10. I soon devoleped a passion wich I still find very unusual considering that in my country (Italy 1976) at that time there where around 25 golf courses. At the age of 12 I became very unexpectedly the national champion category under 13.In the following years I had found myself trying and trying harder to experience the sense of feeling and control over my swing and my game in general. Now at the age of 44 after reading your book for the first time I feel again the enjoyment for this game and when I play a bad shot I know I don’t have to whip myself and I dont’ get easily frustrated. Thnk you so much Alessandro


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