Future Applications

Applications of Inner Game principles and methods are currently being designed in the following fields:

  • Teambuilding – (with Dr. Valerio Pascotto) – A study of the foundations of teams and the rectification of the common interferences to effective team work.
  • The Inner Game of Money – (with Dr. Larry Berger) – A study of how we can get out of our own way in fulfilling our financial goals.
  • The Inner Game of Parenting – A study of how to overcome the obstacles to effective parenting.
  • The Inner Game of Technology (with Viant Corporation) – A study of how to overcome the fears and doubts associated with technology and the uncertainties of the digital/information age.
  • Living Stress Free (with John Horton, MD., and Edd Hanzelik, MD.)

As work progresses in each of these areas, content will be posted on this site. Please feel free to make comments or ask questions via email.

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  1. I have read and used the Inner Game for both my own performing (I am a classical musician) and also in my work with my university music students. I am interested in using Inner Game techniques as part of my course work with singers this year, and wondered if you have any online measuring tools or software that I could use, or could direct me to websites that might have such things.

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