Alan Fine Developing the GROW Model

Fine’s interest in sports psychology led him to explore Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game concept, and ultimately into a long-time friendship and collaboration with Alexander and Whitmore, co-creators of the GROW model.

The three worked together for three years in the early 1980s—without monetary success, Fine ruefully recalls—before developing the model that has had such a lasting impact on the world of athletic and corporate coaching.

GROWing From the InsideOut Shortly after Fine and his collaborators developed the GROW model, the partners went their separate ways, with each of the partners utilizing his own approach to the model. Since then, Fine has steadily refined and built upon the original model.

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One Response to Alan Fine Developing the GROW Model

  1. Hi Allen this is Shaun Goodsell. I am a friend of Ed Penny and started the company the Mental Edge and work with many athletes. thank you for your work on the grow model. I love the concept and believe it is transferable to all aspects of life. Shaun