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Regarded by many as a pioneer of coaching in corporate America, for over thirty years Tim Gallwey has inspired and educated executives and high performance teams through seminars, workshops, and inspiring keynote addresses.

The Inner Game of Work (Keynote Address)

In this new economy, where the combination of individual and collective knowledge is our most valuable asset, discovering ways to access and develop our ability to learn is paramount. However, all people bring with them habits of self-interference that get in the way of the use of their potential to perform and to learn. In this lecture Gallwey re-defines work itself in such a way that participants see that learning and enjoyment are as integral to successful work as high standards of performance. Topics often include:

* The power of re-defining work
* Sustaining a state of focus at work
* Mobility – the ability to move towards desired outcomes in a fulfilling and timely manner.
* Thinking like a CEO
* Maximizing learning from one’s own experience
* Coaching others to maximum performance.

Manager as Coach (Keynote Address)

“Learning how to learn may be the most critical skill in an age of change.” Coaching is a capability that facilitates the learning, growth, and the best performance out of individuals and teams. Understanding how to coach is now an indispensable tool for the leaders and managers of corporations committed to the development of their people. Gallwey is recognized as one of the pioneers and most influential thinkers in the emerging field of executive coaching.

Inner Game Coaching Clinics

Where facilities allow, the above presentations can be supplemented by a demonstration on the tennis court or driving range of the application of Inner Game methods to various aspects of learning and skill development.

Volunteers are coached by Tim and, when desired, have the chance to use the coaching techniques they learn to coach each other. The process is dramatic, entertaining, and educational. Seeing the results of Inner Game coaching on peers creates insight and strong desire to make application to various dimensions of learning and work.

The demonstration includes:

* The flaws of traditional coaching. A satirical demonstration of traditional methods of coaching making all too obvious how they sow the seeds of self-interference in the learner.

* How to coach focus of attention. Volunteers are coached using Inner Game methods of focus of attention, commonly with dramatic and, observable improvement in results.

* Making a change. A volunteer with a persistent ‘bad habit’ is shown a strikingly different way to go about unlearning an old habit—without “trying.” Similar methods are demonstrated to learn something new.

* Overcoming fear of failure. Performing in front of one’s peers is likely to evoke normal levels of fear and resulting interference with performance. Techniques for coaching a person to overcome such interferences are demonstrated.

* Applications of what is demonstrated to the workplace are discussed along the way. These are personalized to reflect specific challenges within each company and/or team’s environment.

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  1. Gulnar Vaswani says:

    Dear Mr. Gallwey,

    My name is Gulnar Vaswani. I currently reside in Hong Kong with my husband and 2 boys. I am of Indian origin, and spent most of my youth until after my M.B.A. in the U.S. After meeting my husband, we have lived in Africa, London, and now finally in Hong Kong where he was born and raised.

    I have recently started my own training and coaching business with an emphasis on EQ, diversity, and motivational topics. In a society and culture so driven by quantifiable success, I am inspired to introduce the concept of “The Inner Game” through a series of lectures and workshops.

    As you may know, Hong Kong is a very fast paced, and competitive environment. Many of my children’s friends are spending countless hours a week practicing sports, piano, and math sums.

    The basic principle being the more you do of something, the better you will be. However, I feel there is much more than the quantity of practice in bettering ones abilities and skill set. Your method is the missing link, and I wish to spread your message (lessons) amongst the HK community.

    Can you please provide me any information on a train the trainer course you teach, or enable me to be better equipped to teach your theory to the people of Hong Kong.

    My company’s name is Best Foot Forward, and it was inspired by the fact that everyone has a spark of magic inside them; it is a matter of the right coach to be able to bring it out of them.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Gulnar Vaswani

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