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* Message from “KY”

Tim, this book has changed my golf game. As a 25 year who just retook up the game after taking a lot of time off due to substance abuse problems I was consistantly shooting high 70s low 80s after reading just half the book my last four rounds have been 78 73 76 and today three under 69 with birdies on the final 3 holes (despite self 1 knocking at the door I fended him off with da-da-da) With a handicap of 7.5 my mens leaugue counterparts wallets are hurting. And the 76
won me low net in a lawman tournament. The 69 today
( net 61 ) may actually do damage on the gross. Your book the inner game of golf is the best golf tool I have ever implemented. It turns out self 2 has game.

* Joe Simonet, learning consultant, The Coca-Cola Company:

“The Inner Game of Work is deceptively simple. My own experience with it tells me that you can spend a career mastering it. But unlike other disciplines that require some mastery to see results, your work and your life is different the moment you realize you are in the game. Furthermore, what I like about the book is that it is not about using some contrived tool or technique. It is about learning to use your natural learning ability, which is far more powerful than any tool or process created by an expert.”

* Charlie Frenette, Chief Marketing Officer, The Coca-Cola Company in a letter to Tim Gallwey

” I congratulate you on incorporating the concepts, tools, models, and thinking on learning in such an interesting, easy-to-read manner. Over the past ten years of working together you have taught and provided coaching to me on many of the concepts and tools contained in the book. These ideas have evolved, become more clear, and are therefore more useful. The Inner Game of Work is a compendium of easy-to-understand tools and concepts that I plan to reference and use often as I progress on my own personal journey. Tim, I think you’ve got a winner. I hope its success surpasses your dreams.”

* John Everett, Senior Partner, Deloitte Consulting UK

“The Inner Game of Work is stimulating and thought provoking. By focusing on why we work, it frees us up to work better. I found the book provided me with real insight – Tim is always human and deeply practical throughout the book.”

* Seth Silver, Manager of Organizational Development, XEROX Corporation.

“Using a skillful combination of audience interaction, reflective/questions, group breakouts, lectures, videos and ‘live’ demonstrations, Gallwey’s presentation captivated the group. Any organization that is serious about enhancing its levels of people development would be well advised to consider a session with Tim Gallwey.”

Neil Chase, founder of Chase Golf & Tennis Camps, Bethlehem, NS:

“Tim Gallwey’s insights into the mental aspects of tennis will revolutionize the teaching and playing of the game. He clearly demonstrates how our full potentials can be realized through insights and techniques that unblock the ideal athletic mental state of ‘relaxed concentration.”

Jack Barnaby, past president, US Professional Tennis Association:

“Tim Gallwey is the most interesting writer on tennis to appear in many years. It can be stated without doubt that reading Gallwey literally reveals you to yourself…I taught for forty years before he wrote The Inner Game of Tennis, yet I was enriched and stimulated by its insights.”

Tennis News:

“A startling surprise…at last, a how-to sport book with depth and soul. The book’s thrust carries far beyond tennis. Tim Gallwey offers a chance for others to find peace, in a publication with appeal for any sportsman, tennis player or not.”

Village Voice:

“Convincing and useful…To read The Inner Game of Tennis is to tremble to try it.”

Peter S. Prescott, Newsweek:

“My final review of this book will be written on various clay surfaces in my hometown…I must say I am impressed by Gallwey’s method.”

Hartford Courant:

“The Inner Game of Tennis can really help…You may never again curse yourself on the court.”

Psychology Today:

“Tim Gallwey’s exotic approach is within the grasp of the most competitive un-Zenlike old war-horse. The Inner Game of Tennis is a how-to manual that aids players to bewitch their egos rather than letting their egos bewitch them.”

Larry McMurty, Washington Post:

“Those who like to be beguiled by visions of their own self-mastery and a perfect backhand should certainly read Gallwey.”

Larry Sheehan, Tennis:

“I watched Tim Gallwey spot-teach various players at a recent session…He finished his demonstration by working with a young woman who claimed she had never even held a racquet in her hands before. At the end of fifteen minutes she was returning most of her forehands and an occasional backhand and she even had a crack at her first volley…A tennis pro in the audience commented that using his conventional approach, it would have taken five or six lessons to get the girl that far along.”

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Tim Gallwey lives in Thousand Oaks CA, and when he isn’t touring the globe on speaking engagements, he’s facilitating workshops and The School in LA, and working on ways to make the applications of the Inner Game more accessible internationally to corporations and various conventions on coaching, learning, and peak performance and most importantly continuing to learn more and more in his own understanding the inner dimension of his own life..

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