Gallwey Interviews on The Inner Game of Work Dayton 21 January

“Trusting Self 2- at work or play”
About thirty people came to a beautifully designed and warmly hosted book store on a cold but clear wintry evening. Trusting Self 2, whether at work or play, was the theme. The act of declaring a victorious end to the self-esteem game allowed more more brain cells and energy to be available for living: productivity, learning, enjoying. I see a few people connecting deeply with the subject. This makes the arduous trip to this single event worth every mile.

It was exciting as I witnessed a recapturing of the inquiring mind of youth. About six young girls who were helping out in the bookstore listened attentively – from their expression, they were obviously enjoying and learning from their book store work experience – and, without having to be told.

Stepping off the plane in LAX after midnight, I was nicely surprised to see The Inner Game of Work on special display in the airport terminal book shop. Never really thought it would happen. I look forward to a day’s rest before starting on week two of the tour.

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