Gallwey Interviews on The Inner Game of Work Kansas 20 January

“Energized discussion in Kansas City”
“You are invited to join us for an energizing presentation on improving your attitude in the workplace and at home…” reads the flier sent out to the customers of Rainy Day Books in Kansas City. The venue is the Unity Temple next to the bookstore and forty or so people are sitting in pews looking as if they are waiting for a sermon. Of course I can’t resist – we begin by talking about making a conscious choice about what games we play while at work or play. The message was that the game of self-evaluation (the self worth game) required more brain cells than it is worth. If we declared ourselves the winner of that game, we can then use all those resources for more productive and fulfilling purposes.

Interestingly, in Kansas the main concern was: if I really thought for myself and followed the deepest urgings from within, I might be viewed as either arrogant or weird and thus, not be accepted. Being accepted was big on the priority list. People were receptive to the idea that self acceptance might be more important and more achievable than public acceptance. Philosophy aside, the simplicity of learning by the simple power of non-judgmental awareness brought practicality into the conversation and seemed fresh – even to those who had read the Tennis and Golf books.

Still having a good time and feeling more in touch with the thinking of readers.

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