Gallwey Interviews on The Inner Game of Work Milwaukee 19 January

Day Two: What varied and wonderful work I have!

“Harley managers take to the slopes”
Today started with a morning meeting with twelve Harley Davidson managers interested in improving their rider education program. Location: Crystal Ridge Ski resort. After an hour’s discussion of Inner Game principles of learning from experience through focus of attention, we’re all out on the ski slopes to put principles into practice. The improvements in their skiing (and, I might add: the sheer fun of it all) helped convince them that there was a better way to learn a skill. In the afternoon, we all had a great time inventing “the inner game of motorcycle riding.”

Conclusion: what riders most need to learn is heightened awareness and responsible management of risk.

“Cold outside; warm reception inside”
By evening, it was snowing and below twenty degrees. My escort said the weather may discourage those coming from twelve miles outside of Milwaukee to the book store signing. But, when we arrived, there were already thirty people sitting and waiting. About half of them knew of Inner Game before The Inner Game of Work. I sat on a table and talked about accessing the greater potential with ourselves in tennis, golf, and work.

Questions included: “How do you stop the nagging, bossy conversation in the head? Acknowledging the need for a balance between Outer and Inner Games, which would you say is really more important?” I spent two hours there, signed fifty books, and enjoyed the interactions immensely.

Early on the 20th, I’m on my way to Kansas City, on a clear, crisp (7 degrees F.) morning.

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