Gallwey Interviews on The Inner Game of Work San Francisco 25 January

“A city and memories revisited”
Strong feelings of nostalgia were present as I was driven by my escort from the San Francisco Airport to Stacey’s Bookstore on Market Street. I was born and raised in this beautiful city but hadn’t been back in many years, and wondered if I’d run into any of my old friends. About thirty people showed up at their lunch break. There were psychologists, businessmen, and bookstore devotees – all with varied interests – who somehow found common ground in exploring The Inner Game.

Then I gave a half-hour Public Radio interview followed by a most unique interview with Brian Malow called “But Seriously.” It was broadcast live on the Internet. A first for me and showed me how easy it is going to be for live video transmission from a home to an Internet site. On the way to the bookstore signing, my escort agreed to take me by my childhood school and home. I filled her in on early family history. Then at the most charming bookstore in Corda Madera – it happened – two of my childhood friends whom I had talked about to my escort were at the signing. I hadn’t seen them in nearly fifty years. They had changed – I had changed – yet we were all the same, very recognizable. Fifty years of life had transpired for each of us and we talked as if we were meeting after school one day. It has been quite a school, and we had all learned a lot.

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