Harvard Tennis News: the return of “The Inner Game”

Second, this weekend WGBH is broadcasting a half hour introduction to the Inner Game of Tennis during their pledge drive promotion on Saturday, November 13 from 4:00-4:30 and Saturday, November 20th from 12-12:30 set your DVR or watch it live. Tim Gallwey ’60 was a standout for the Crimson under Jack Barnaby and part of the famous match in ’58 when Harvard defeated a powerhouse Yale team that included Donald Dell and Gene Scott. The team will be reading his book over the winter break and we are hoping Tim will meet them on our spring break trip. The book has sold over a million copies and was the impetus for the whole mind game genre that is so popular now. It contains a revolutionary way to learn and think about the game. We encourage you to watch the show, and if you’ve ever been tempted to make a pledge, do it now so they’ll broadcast it nationwide!

via Harvard Tennis News: Friends of Harvard Tennis: H-Y brunch, the return of “The Inner Game”, and back-to-back doubles champs with highlights!.

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