Inner Game Open Programme

performance consultants

performance consultants

Experience this programme with the Inner Game founder Tim Gallwey. And only for 21-22 October also with Sir John Whitmore, the godfather of coaching. An extraordinary one time opportunity to work with these two pioneers of coaching!

In the new economy, where individual and collective knowledge is our most valuable asset, the ability to access and develop our ability to learn is paramount. However, all people bring with them habits of self-interference that get in the way of the use of their potential to perform and to learn.

For people who want to enter a totally new paradigm of performance, the Inner Game addresses the interferences that limit our potential, and so enables us to maximize our performance. This is demonstrated by the Inner Game equation:

Potential – Interference = Performance

Becoming aware of patterns that lead to acting out of habit, rather than conscious intention enables us to recognize the interferences and thus enter a new paradigm of performance.

Visit the site, Performance Consultants International.

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