I spent the next summer teaching and playing tennis with Sergeant Shriver and Eunice Kennedy’s family in France where Sergent was ambassador. Rose was there and the Kennedy process for preparing their children for public office was readily apparent, as was the extreme wealth in Monte Carlo.  I learned about power and the trappings of extreme wealth, and decided that I would not pursue either.  Really, no impulse to reap and pillage.  The most outrageous things I wanted to do was to play the bongo drums far into the night, and ask a pretty blond if she wanted to spend some free time on the beach which she confidently accepted.  The seeds of self awareness were sown in those three weeks, and with the awareness a self trust and the courage to make choices at every moment. 

The rest of the summer i was the guest of the Shriver family, Eunice Kennedy Shrier and Sergeant, then ambassador to France.  My role was to play tennis with Sergent who was near Wimbledon calibre, and to teach and arrange tennis matches for the older children Maria and Timmy.  I became part of their evening training of family members for future public service.  For example the evening of the day of the first moon landing, each person at the dinner table including me, the children and Rose, who’s was visiting, were told what Neil Armstrong had to say looking back to earth about the giant step for mankind that had been taken, then how President Nixon responded.  Then each were asked in turn how, if they were president, how would they have responded to Armstrong. 

The Shrivers took me with them on the few times they visited Monte Carlo, where I witnessed the trappings of extreme wealth and status.  It was interesting, but seeing it as I did then, I made an internal decision, “this is not what I want to pursue.  There is something more real than this.”

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

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