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Swing Thoughts

Swing Thoughts

The author of the Mud Ball Golf Blog talks about Tim Gallwey’s influence on one of the all time great golfers, Fred Shoemaker

Fred Shoemaker talks about how he himself went to see a coach to get rid of a bad habit – a swing fault. I too am trying to change my swing and form new and better habits – so I thought this would be useful. Fred talks about how he learned to be aware of his swing and experience the fault and by doing that it actually disappeared without any conscious changes! But, the coach Fred Shoemaker had been to see was not a famous Golf coach – but a Tennis coach called Timothy Gallwey. This intrigued me, so I bought his book next…

I’m still reading  Timothy Gallwey’s The Inner Game Of Tennis and it is brilliant! I’ve struggled for a long time to change a certain swing fault and now I really feel equipped to do so once and for all. He introduces the concept of Self 1, the Teller and Self 2, theDo’er and how to let them do their own jobs.

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