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The Inner Game Personal eCoach (IGec) was released publicly today (Aug 17, 2012) in conjunction with national airing of the PBS Inner Game TV special. Now there are three new ways to bring the Inner Game into your life – the eCoach and two new PBS DVDs for golf and tennis!

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Practical Tools

The cloud based IGeC utilizes a sequence of specifically designed questions to help you attain Mobility to move with clarity towards your desired outcomes. For each question there is a Coach’s Comment designed to add insight. A number of questions have example responses for the same reason.

Developed by Industry Leaders

The IGeC has been developed from the Inner Game principles and methods pioneered by Timothy Gallwey in the mid 1970s. These principals have inspired many people, and have been the foundation of his best selling books.  In combination with techniques developed by Myles Downey as a result of training over 2,000 coaches at the world’s premier coaching school, the Inner Game eCoach provides a simple, yet very powerful tool that not only helps you to reach your goals, but to do so in a fulfilling manner.

Backed by Experience

Tim Gallwey, founder of The Inner Game Corporation, and Myles Downey founder of the School of Coaching, in conjunction with Richard Merrick and Gary Wessely, wish to thank the 1500 participants who tested the Beta version of the Inner Game eCoach (IGeC). This exercise was highly successful and has led to the development of the first official public release that is available now.

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Proven Technology

Fusion Universal hosts the Inner Game Personal eCoach on Fuse, a technology platform. Fusion Universal is an award winning Learning Solutions Company. It has a distinguished record of creating cutting edge learning technology and engaging learning content. They are passionate about delivering world class learning programs that have a direct impact on their client’s performance. Fusion Universal is a preferred supplier to BT, Vodafone, Visa and Barclays Bank among others.

Risk Free

If you are not completely satisfied with the Personal eCoach 30 days after your purchase, we will refund your payment.



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