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W. Timothy Gallwey’s best-selling Inner Game books–with over one million copies sold–have revolutionized the way we think about sports. And now, after twenty years of applying his Inner Game methods to the royal and ancient sport of golf, Gallwey brings us this completely revised edition of his classic The Inner Game of Golf, nearly half of which is new material, published here for the first time.

Even the masters of the game, from the venerable Jack Nicklaus to the wunderkind Tiger Woods, must battle their mental demons to excel in the crucible of competition. How do they maintain concentration under pressure? How do they avoid the mental and physical tensions that can sabotage any shot, from the simplest putt to a demanding drive? And how do they contend with the nagging inner voice that says, “You haven’t been playing your best today. How will you keep from messing up on this shot?”

Here, Gallwey provides specific ways for you to improve the concentration and confidence that keep your insecurities from hijacking your best instincts, your score, and your enjoyment of the game. In addition to the specifics of Inner chipping, Inner swinging, and Inner putting, Gallwey explains why the art of “relaxed concentration” is the fundamental skill for improving every aspect of your game.

It may seem like common sense nowadays to say that mental approaches are as crucial as physical skills in a good game of golf. But Gallwey was among the first to say it, and he is a pioneer of the modern sports psychology movement. In The Inner Game of Golf, now comprehensively updated, you will find the kind of perceptive and articulate instruction that not only will improve your swing, but, perhaps even more important, will reacquaint you with the pure pleasure of the game.

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  1. Golf Guy says:

    Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

  2. Geoff says:


    Please drop me a line on how to contact you.

    Kind regards

    Geoff Saayman

  3. admin says:

    Please use our now “contact” page listed in the top menu bar.

  4. Even if Tiger is the best golfer he must be held accountable to his actions like anyone else.

  5. Dear Tim,
    Your discussions of awareness instructions rather than Do-instructions translate to my yoga practice and teaching. Thank you for helping me have more fun on the golf course as well offering tips that aid me as a yoga instructor! I’ve posted a yoga lesson plan based on your “Law Of Awareness” called Inner Golf & Inner Yoga.
    Respectfully yours,

  6. Elbert Wolz says:

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