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UPDATE! Inner Game Personal eCoach – Now in Public Release.

This web based personal coaching tool is now available to all starting August 17th. Using Inner Game principles, the eCoach helps you define your objectives, motivations, and strategies for moving towards your desired outcomes and to clarify your thinking about any issue,  problem, or goal.  The Inner Game eCoach has been tested by 1500 users and received wonderful feedback from those who joined the trial. Thank you all who participated. The new, improved eCoach is ready now and is available with a RISK FREE TRIAL!

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UPDATE! PBS Inner Game Special Airs with Golf and Tennis DVD Release

A one hour PBS special on The Inner Game was filmed this May and is now being broadcast nationwide on 350 + PBS stations starting August 15th, 2012. The special is composed of two half hour shows: Tennis, The Inner Game, and Golf, The Inner Game. In both episodes Tim Gallwey coaches a celebrity in the techniques of the Inner Game as applied to their sport. The results may surprise you! Keep a lookout for times of the broadcast in your local PBS TV Guide! To see what you’ll receive in exchange for your local PBS pledge,

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Upcoming Public Inner Game Events

Free Inner Game Event in Dublin, Ireland
Tim Gallwey will deliver a free one day workshop in Dublin, Ireland, sponsored by VAYU, an Irish gas and energy company, for clients, employees, and the general public. Exact date and venue to be announced shortly. Visit for details.

Public Inner Game Related Info

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