The Inner Game of Golf and Leadership Workshop

Date – to be determined

Venue: Westlake Golf Course, Westlake Village, CA
Address: 4812 Lakeview Canyon Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91361, USA


Price: $400

Inner Game of Golf and Leadership with Tim Gallwey, is a one day event in which
participants will learn to take advantage of the complementary relationship
between the inner skills in both golf and leadership. We aim to provide students
with an understanding of how these two seemingly disparate fields of growth
are deeply connected.

This experiential training event will include both theoretical and practical exercises
on driving range, putting green, and in the classroom. The learning environment is
designed to encourage breakthroughs in personal and technical learning for all levels of experience.

Optional Reading: The Inner Game of Golf; The Inner Game of Work

The Morning Session – Location: Westlake Golf Course

What you will learn:

  • The courage to face and overcome the mental obstacles that interfere with leading oneself on the golf course.
  • The phenomenon of mediocre expectations and self-dialogue.
  • Learning from experience – and delegating to what you can trust.
  • Rising above mediocre expectations.
  • Every shot is a beautiful expression of your potential or an equally beautiful example of what gets in the way of it. What can you learn besides golf?
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The Afternoon Session – Location: HUB 101, Westlake Village
  Address: 31416 Agoura Rd. suite 113, Westlake Village

What you will learn:

  • Self leadership as the basis for leadership of others.
  • Lessons learned from golf relevant to your leadership. Small groups.
  • A leader sees the needs of both the objective and person, and responds.
  • What you can learn from golf that contributes to being a great leader.
  • Allowing those you lead to receive feedback from experience before yours.
  • The critical difference between assessment and judgment.

The Inner Game of Golf and Leadership Workshop Purpose

The goal of the game of golf is made clear in the Royal and Ancient Rules of the game: get around the course in as few strokes as possible. But these rules do not tell us why to play the game, and what we can get out of the hours we do. These are leadership decisions that each player must choose. What is more important, my score, my enjoyment, or what I learn? Can I learn more on the golf course than golf? Our answer is, “Yes you can, if you can free yourself from your attachment to self measurement by score alone. The purpose of the workshop is to explore what works and what doesn’t, in golf, in self-leadership and life itself.

Our hope is that like others who have taken this workshop, you open the door to understanding of yourself as well as your golf, to find what can be truly fulfilling and enriching use of the time you invest in a game that goes beyond the gratification of the game itself. We hope that you, like others, will find a very natural increase in proficiency without letting your attachment to score be a handicap of your enjoyment and proficiency.) For example, you may find the courage it takes to “delegate” your swing to the parts of body that know more about how to learn to swing a club, than you will ever learn from a book. Or how to handle pressure by not creating it in the first place.

About Tim Gallwey

Timothy Gallwey is the founder of the Inner Game and is widely acknowledged as the father of the current coaching movement. Tim developed The Inner Game in the mid-1970s and has spent four decades inspiring successful organizations including long-term clients Apple, AT&T, The Coca Cola Company and Rolls Royce with whom he shared The Inner Game of Leadership, Sales, Change Management and Teamwork.

Tim’s bestselling Inner Game series of books set forth a new methodology for coaching and the development of personal and professional excellence in a variety of fields. His books have led many to realize that the Inner Game holds the key to the outer game of their lives.

People are recognizing that achieving our goals involves 2 games. The outer game gets most of our attention. However, it’s our Inner Game that applies to every outer goal we pursue. This day together will be dedicated to shedding light on this Inner Game.” Timothy Gallwey

The Inner Game Method

Do not expect to be instructed how to golf or lead. Expect rather to find a learning environment free of judgment, where you can explore your potential to learn by increasing awareness of your experience in the moment. Many who have explored the inner game learning methods, have find found unexpected ways to gain insights and understandings that can be applied to any aspect of their lives.

Join Tim Gallwey for an unforgettable experience!


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