Health and Wellbeing, the Inner Game Approach

Health and Wellbeing – the Inner Game Approach

May 20th, 2017

Venue: HUB 101, Westlake Village, CA
Address: 31416 Agoura Road Suite 113, Westlake Village, CA 91361, USA


Price: $200.

Health and Wellbeing – the Inner Game Approach is a 1 day seminar with Tim Gallwey and John Horton MD. Limited to 20 people. Those who make their May 6th early registration deadline will be sent an autographed copy of The Inner Game of Stress.

Elements of Content:

  • The body’s nature is to be healthy and in a state of well being.
  • What nurtures the body’s capacity to sustain and evolve wellbeing.
  • Developing your own strategy, and tools that fit your unique body and self.
  • Learning to shift from stress to clarity.
  • Presentations, exercises, stories, and inner game practices proven in sports, work, and relationship with self.

Recommended Reading: The Inner Game of Stress

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About the Event

The objectives are to gain clear and simple understandings and methods to cultivate the inner wellbeing that will give rise to thoughts, feeling and actions that support and build health for a lifetime.

The art and science of preventing illness involves understanding from the inside your own ability to eat, move physically, work and play in ways that are right for you, not to please the experts.

The core understanding is how to shift from the limited menu of a powerful unconscious stress system to the larger and more human menu of our human wisdom system.

The Inner game learning model and tools are excellent to help us to make this shift and develop the mobility to do so quickly. Practice is essential and Inner game tools are enjoyable and easy to learn. Progress in building wellbeing from the inside is a gift that we can learn to appreciate and enjoy.

We will look at the critical variables of our relationships to our self, others and society to see where frustration, fear or pain evokes stress reactions. We will have reflective exercises and time to build our own heart felt plan to move from stress to wisdom.

Dr John Horton MD


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