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Darryl G

I recently saw you on PBS, promoting a tennis dvd. I just wanted to tell you my story. I bought your book "The Inner Game of Golf" in the early 80's. This book is my golf bible. It is always teaching me even 30yrs later. I was very inconsistent before I started practicing the inner game methods. My friends always ask me how I perform under pressure. I tell them buy your book. I have even loaned the book to 3 or 4 friends. I'm not sure any of them even cracked it open. Yet they all still come to me for advice. As late as last night, playing with a friend in my 9 hole league. My friend has more natural talent than me, however he rarely beats me at golf. He was struggling with his driver, I said DA DA DA. Say it to yourself and be aware of the clubhead. He did it a few times and Pow, what do you know, he striped his driver long and straight all night. I had no idea if you were still doing books or videos and was glad to see you on PBS. My daughter is playing tennis in High School and I am looking at purchasing some material for her. thanks again, the Inner Game is where its at.

Darryl G

John F. Hinman

I took up the game of tennis back in 1976 and immediately hired a personal coach. My game went from nothing to pretty good with the coaching and especially the use of video of before and after the lessons. I then read the book by Tim, ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ and the concept of visualization increased my game in quantum leaps compared to all the private lessons. It was cathartic! It was an epiphany! It was life changing!

John F. Hinman


Dear Tim, I started playing golf at the age of 10. I soon devoleped a passion wich I still find very unusual considering that in my country (Italy 1976) at that time there where around 25 golf courses. At the age of 12 I became very unexpectedly the national champion category under 13.In the following years I had found myself trying and trying harder to experience the sense of feeling and control over my swing and my game in general. Now at the age of 44 after reading your book for the first time I feel again the enjoyment for this game and when I play a bad shot I know I don’t have to whip myself and I dont’ get easily frustrated. Thank you so much


Rick Myers

Hi Tim,
Just finished your Inner Game of Golf and am ready to read it again. What a delight. I’m playing much more golf and enjoying it so much. In the moment! Thanks Tim.

Rick Myers

Dennis Mirtchell

Dear Mr Gallwey,
I’m 78 years old (about the same age as you I guess). The Inner Game of Golf had been sitting by my bed, unread for about two years. My golf had been so bad that I wasn’t really enjoying it any more. I’d tried everything else so I looked at your book and thought what the heck! I just want to say thanks for helping me to get all that nonesense out of my head and enabling me (humble though it be) to reach my potential. By the way, by applying the same princples my piano playing has improved too.
Kind regards.

Dennis Mirtchell

Vin Harris

In response to The Problem with Persistence...
This resonates…..knowing what is happening while it is happening without preference – a definition of mindfulness because supression is in the end just too much effort great article …thanks

Vin Harris, Scotland (meditator and golfer)

Adina Nack

I was fortunate to attend a talk last night by the authors of a new book, The Inner Game of Stress. Tim Gallwey has teamed up with two physicians, who practice a patient-centered approach to integrative medicine, to combine medical research with his executive coaching techniques. The result is a thoughtful self-help approach to stress management that encourages readers to be assertive patients. As a medical sociologist, I have written about the health impacts of practitioner-patient interactions and was familiar with the body of research showing how stress can weaken a person’s immune system.

For people who are battling a virus, it is important to not only empower yourself with knowledge about your particular illness but also to strategize how to strengthen your immune system. In addition to the obvious recommendations of decreasing unhealthy behaviors and increasing healthy ones, many may find empowerment in this book.

Adina Nack

Dan Kennedy

As Dennis Waitley has worked with U.S. astronauts and Olympic athletes on their inner games, author Tim Gallwey explores the ideas of his books, The Inner Game of Golf, The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Skiing. Interestingly, there is a never-ending connection between the inner game in sport and the inner game in business, allowing experts like Waitley, Gallwey, ex-quarterback Fran Tarkenton and golfer Arnold Palmer, among others, to step back and forth between expounding on success techniques in the athletic and business worlds.

Dan Kennedy

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