Little did I know that the best was yet to come. It had been less that six months since I had opened the door to the inner game, never to walk out, that i was invited to attend a talk by a young teacher from India. He had a simple message: You can know your true self direclty. I is as simply as holding a mirror to your face to see it for the first time. Skeptical, at first, and only just beginning to feel I would like to look at myself in the mirror, after a time of listening to him, and realizing it was not a religion or even a “spiritual” path, but simply an offer of self-knowledge via the gift of an internal mirror, a gift that had been given to him and the he was able to give to others. “Who you are cannot be understood by mind or intellect, but only felt by the heart.

Because he had such a sincere authority behind his offer, and that I would know whether or not it was real for myself, I accepted his kind offer and ever since have been cleaning the mirror, and seeing what I could see. It was easier to see it was beautiful, than to recognize it as myself. But the time and effort i gave to it, proved to be my best use of time, and I realized that the inner game had another door, that showed me something I needed to know, that had nothing to do with performance in the outer game, except to show me the they were games, and win or lose, they had noting to do with who I really was. They could be enjoyed, the could make the world externally a “better place” to live, but that nothing could match living itself and knowing what that meant. (more information about this young Indian man who now it in his 50th year of commitment of offer the give of his mirror all an the planet who want it sincerely, you can begin with his personal website,

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