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Lori is an authentic, engaging speaker and coach who shares her real life experiences with honesty and passion! Lori is the Founder and CEO of Foundation Coaching Group Inc. Foundation Coaching’s primary mission is to impact as many women as possible and share the vision of living passionately.

One area of coaching that touches my heart and soul the most is Stress Management. I was happy to be able to read and review this book when asked by the authors. As you might imagine I have read a LOT on the topic and more often than not it is several thousand words of meaningless drivel. I was pleasantly surprised when I dug into the book and I had to actually turn on my brain.
The book is broken out into three sections:
Part One: The Game of Stress, goes into great detail about what exactly stress is, where it comes from, acknowledging and understanding your stress and our reactions to stress.
Part Two: Outsmarting Stress, teaches how to become aware of your stress, shows you strategies to move past stress and how to take control of your life and the stress.
Part Three: The Inner Game Toolbox, describes in detail eight tools to overcome stress.
Throughout the book there are dozens of real world examples of how people worked through their stress or used a particular strategy. As a reader I like to see how other people work similar situations, these were timely and relevant. Each new concept also had a corresponding exercise that lead to new insights about yourself and the stress in your life.
By far the most valuable part of the book is the Inner Toolbox. Eight strategies that can have a significant impact on your life. Each tool is described in a step-by-step manner, includes exercises to cement the understanding and real life stories to share how other people successfully used these tools.
The simplest and easiest tool is the “Stop” and the one that I loved the most was “being the CEO”.
I would highly recommend this book for anyone that knows they have a stressed life and is ready to change it. I also think this book is great even if you feel your stress is under control that tools are ones that should be added to your personal box and can support you continuing your stress free life.

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