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The Inner Game of Tennis – It’s Not About the Racquet
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Amazon has more than 300 reviews of the autobiography of Lance Armstrong, It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. The reviewers consistently agreed that this book is very inspiring and hopeful.
There are too many messages and lessons in the book, they all relate in this article. However, there are three main strategies that are of particular relevance to the Inner Game of Tennis. Basically, they can be absorbed by the declaration, it is not about the Racket.
The three main strategies are:
1. Do not let others limit your goals or your dreams
When Lance Armstrong was recovering from brain surgery and aggressive chemotherapy, there was a lot of people said that he would never ride again. Even one of his main sponsors dropped Lance, because he believed that he could never recover from the destruction of cancer and related treatment.
Lance refused to betray to define or limit his ability to beGoals and dreams. He was determined not only to ride again, but to win on the demanding Tour de France for his first time. Lance Armstrong went on to win the Tour de France seven times!
Even when he was emaciated, exhausted and worn out, he still maintained his goals and dreams. So the first strategy was is to your goals and dreams even in the face of resistance tended meaning people.
2. Deep in your inner resources
Lance argues that the keyFor him, learning from his illness and survival, that we are better than we know. We are completely underestimate our inner reserves and unrealized capacity, not because we do test the power of our mind. It is often only emerge from a crisis that these inner capacities.
One of the key strategies of the Inner Game of Tennis is to learn to dig deep into our inner resources and develop our untapped potential. This requires the will, determination and willingness to win against all adversity. Lance survivedhis cancer, even though the doctors assume that he is a 3% chance of survival, not had great opportunities!
Here is another striking example. The press, globally and locally, decided at the beginning of the 2007 Australian Open Tennis Championship, that Serena Williams had no chance because they are overweight and not suitable. They did not allow for its underlying basic fitness or ability to open up to her incredible inner resources. You will have the force was so strong that their opponents often in the fadedgiven their sheer determination, even if they led in the game.
Therefore, the second important strategy in order to learn to tap your inner resources against the limitations that we impose on themselves.
3. Make every obstacle an opportunity
Lance Armstrong takes this strategy to his mother, who reminded constantly to him as a child, that he in all obstacle an opportunity to improve. Said in an interview after his first Tour de France, Lancethat his illness has a new opportunity to improve on many fronts. He claimed that his fight against cancer it harder and more patients than even cyclists and more thoughtful, compassion and responsibility as a man, a father and partner enabled.
Therefore, a third key strategy of the Inner Game of Tennis is to improve your game and offending over every obstacle you.
The Inner Game of Tennis is not about the racket. It’s all about you. It is concerned about how your skills to define and maintain your goals, how you access your inner resources and how to obstacles, improve, and your tennis game.

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