Yes, human know-how is essential to positive external mobility, and lack of it, will continue to create the problems that threaten the very systems of excellence in performance and ultimately to economic sustainability. What has been missing is a recognition of priorities. The human being cannot be satisfied by external success alone, nor should he have to fail by the inevitable ups and downs of external results. The inner game can be won independent of the outer game. It is not a means alone; humans have always longed for what is real and what is changeless in their quest to satisfy their inherent need for happiness, peace, fulfillment, whatever names are given to winning the inner game while. We want to be at peace, we want to be content, irrespective of the changes in our external circumstances. Ultimately we want to win the inner game, and learn from both the successes and failures, inevitable in the outer, out of our control.

In short the outer endeavors play a great role in our evolution. But as we come to recognize who and what we are at the core, we seek to connect wth the changeless element that has always been very present within us, waiting to be recognized and valued. I give one one example, how valuable at our birth was our first breath, and how valuable towards our last of moments again is that same force that has been keeping us alive all life long? Is it a gift of love? Is it from the changeless in life? Is it not responsible for everything beautiful and precious in our limited years on the planet. Does it have something to do with Winning the inner game, available to each of us. Can this simple force of life itself, recognized for what it is give us more appreciation and gratitude in our existence than we can imagine. IF the definition of wealth, it having something extremely precious and lots of it, is our life itself that source of all inner prosperity without limit?

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

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